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we help build happy, healthy, and confident children

Our goal is simple. We want children to become competent and confident in sport and recreation so they can enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. Using circuit style training and small scale gymnastic equipment, our programming provides a safe an exciting environment for children to learn and practice fundamental movement skills that are essential to becoming physically literate and active for life!

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What do we have to offer?


Public Programs

Movement education for healthy living! Monkeynastix encourages children to explore and discover the world through their senses and bodies with our fun, exciting movement education programs, which helps develop the fundamentals of physical literacy.


School Programs

Experts agree that physical literacy is just as important as reading and writing. Our school programming allows childcare centres as well as public and private schools to provide additional services to families with busy lives.


Birthday Parties

Looking for kids Birthday party ideas? Bring the Monkeynastix experience to your child’s birthday party for an active and exciting celebration! Our parties are fun and full of physical activities!

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